Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Journal - Weekend Getaway and Update

Well, Ter and I had a nice weekend getaway last weekend - just the two of us!!! And we did one of my favorite things: shopping at IKEA. Yay!!! We got bookshelves for the school room, bookshelves for the living room (school seems to be taking over everywhere), a coffee table for the living room and a desk for the kids in the office. Yes, it is a lot, and my hubby is very gifted in the carpentry field, but time has to be factored in as well, and frankly, shelves were not at the top of the to do list. I'm debating about taking off next week to get the downstairs reorganized. Of course, everything has to be put together which will take a couple of days or so for Ter and then putting all the school stuff in order...BUT we found out yesterday that the broken arm saga (see previous posts) is not over for L.

He went to the doc yesterday for his 3 week appointment and the doc told us that the bones had slipped and he was going to have to go in again and reset the bones. So back to the hospital we went this morning at 6. He did great again and the doc fixed it, hopefully, so that it won't slip again. He doesn't even really complain about his arm hurting, but his throat is killing him. They had to put a breathing tube down his throat (SOP), which could make it raw in there, but he also may have gotten what his brother had over the weekend because he complained about his throat bothering him this morning before we left for the hospital. We're praying that he'll feel lots better in the morning, but we may not get as much school done as we'd like, since this day was shot.

Oh well, never fear, we will get those shelves put up one time or another and when we do, I'll take pics like a good girl and let you see. :-) Thanks again for praying for our little Tigger.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keeper Journal #4

Our topic for the week was "Loving Our Husbands" and all the various aspects. The point that was the most beneficial to me was on the last day of the homework. The author had us write down the various verses from Proverbs 31:10-31 that talk about how the woman cares for, looks after, etc. her household or husband. I always seemed to think of "That Woman" as always busy doing things, but I guess this exercise made me stop and think why she was doing all those things. She was always thinking of someone else - wanting to see her husband recognized and blessed and her household not disturbed by all the trials. She was just a rock of faith as she could laugh at the days to come or of hardships to endure or of the pending weather, whatever. Of course, as women we are more like the boat tossed by the waves. We're riding the waves of emotion with whatever circumstances or hormones or bad thoughts come our way. Stand firm, build your house(hold) on the Rock. That's what we need. Teach us, Lord, because we can have victory over our emotions!

Home Journal - Fruit Flies

I know this is not very exciting and I should be journaling about something, you know, important, and all. But can I just tell you that we have fruit flies in our kitchen and it is driving the whole family crazy. We have cleaned out every source of food that we can think of. We have started taking all rags out of the sink after each meal and throwing them in the washing machine. We've cleaned out drawers and cabinets. And yet, they persist. It's a little discouraging actually. E, Z and Betty were on fruit fly patrol today and it was quite hilarious. They would spot those little pests and then one would sneak up behind it to end it's life and then rejoice when they were successful. Yes, it's the little things that make it all worthwhile really. The kids feel like they have a purpose in this life...Anyway, we will be victorious!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Keeper Journal #3

This one is a little late since we already had bible study this week and we're on to the next week, but our week was talking about serving and submitting to our husbands. I've got a wonderful, terrific, hard-working, godly, faithful, fun, even-picks-up-his-underwear-off-the-floor kind of honey, so there's nothing that would prevent me from submitting to him, right? Yes...my problem? Me. Plain and simple. I'm fallen. Too many times I live under the curse instead of having victory over the curse, you know? Anyway, two things I'd like to do for Ter. 1) Greet him at the door with a smile and a kiss! 2) Plan for some date nights!!! With five kiddos and all their needs, it's easy to look over each other. So...here's to you, Honey! I love you.

Another thought on the same subject...One of the applications for the study was asking your husband what you could do for them each day and a gal in the study mentioned that she used to ask that question of her boss several years ago. She thinks that that simple question each day was what gave her several promotions within her company. Then she said,"Just imagine the spiritual promotions (blessings, etc.) we would get if we did that for our husbands and even asked that of the Lord each day." Such good insight and wisdom. Good soul food.

Be a blessing to your husband. God deserves it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friend Journal - BFF Sister

She's one of those friends thats more than a friend. The kids call her "Aunt" and wonder why since she's not related by blood. But I tell them that we go much deeper than blood, deeper than DNA. We're sisters alright...Sisters in Christ. C is the one who led me to the Lord in the summer before our 6th grade year. We were baptized at camp together by her dad and the kinship has survived MANY moves, arguments, various relationships, the middle school years, the teen years, the college years, the early married years, the growing family years, tears, fears, hopes and dreams, dreams lost, new vision and more. I love you, Sweet Friend! 

A Day at the Zoo with C and her two kiddos

Like Some People I Used to Know

Good Times!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family Journal - Bo is One!!!

It's taken a little while, but finally I am able to post about the little guy turning ONE. It's been a rough year, especially the first six months. He struggled with whooping cough, RSV and a certain sister who turned 2 1/2 the day he was born. But I wouldn't change a thing since this blessing entered our lives. He is such a sweet, lovable little guy, but definitely rough and tough. He plays hard, loves the balls, says "hi", gives courtesy laughs and can use mommy as a jungle gym while nursing! But still loves to cuddle.

He had his first taste of ice cream on his birthday and took his first trip to the zoo, then he had his first taste of cake at his party (on a different day). Such a sweetie! I love you, Bo!